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1. What are the pros and cons of travel?

2. What are the pros and cons of watching TV (for children)?

3. What are the pros and cons of computer, Internet, and mobile phone technology as well as modern technology as a whole?

4. What are the benefits of arts and how should artists and art projects such as museums be funded?

5. Why are people unhealthy and what can be done to improve public health?

6. What are the causes of environmental problems and how to solve them?

7. What kinds of subjects should students learn in school/university?

8. What are the reasons of people committing crimes and how to prevent his from happening and deal with criminals?

9. Is school/university education helpful to students in finding their jobs?

10. Why do people change their jobs frequently and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

11. What are the pros and cons of advertisements (for children)?

12. Who should pay for the educational costs?

13. Should men and women be treated equally in jobs?

14. Why are wild animals disappearing and how to protect them?

15. Should animals be used for the benefits of humans (animal testing in particular)?




Ø What are the pros and cons of travel?

这道题问得比较概括,在总结过去五年的考题过程中,朗阁海外考试研究中心的专家发现关于旅游的话题主要涉及到以下几个方面:1). 国际旅游的好处和坏处;2). 实地旅游还是在网络上进行了解;3). 食品长途运输的好处和坏处。这三道题目在过去五年里一共出现了14次,虽然说每次出现的形式和语言都有所区别,但是基本上都大同小异,所需要考生写的内容也几乎差不多。仔细分析后,我们发现这三个方面所涉及的内容也有很多重复的地方,比如说国际旅游会需要长途飞行,造成大量的燃料消耗和二氧化碳的排放,这在环境污染方面和食品的长途运输的坏处是一样的。所以,朗阁海外考试研究中心的专家们将这三个方面结合起来,把相似的观点融合在一起,总结出以下关于旅游话题经常考到的五个分论点。


1. 国际旅游或者是旅游能够很好的促进经济发展

The booming tourism sector will serve as a driving force behind the economic progress in many countries.

- generate new employment opportunities to the local, indigenous population (set up a souvenir stores, for example)

- propel the development of aviation, food & beverage, as well as transport industries to meet the soaring demands of tourists.


Argument Development:




l The economy/industry is booming.

booming: 蓬勃的发展

Example: Ever since the launch of the economic reform and opening-up in the late 1970s, China's economy has been booming.


l Something/somebody serves as something.

serve as: 起到什么作用

Example: The monument serves as a reminder of the considerable sacrifice the wartime soldiers have made for the peaceful development we enjoy today.


l a driving force behind something

driving force: 推动力

Example: The rapidly growing service sector has become the only driving force behind China's economic development, considering the stagnant growth in the manufacturing sector.


l employment opportunities: 就业机会

Example: The textile industry used to afford more employment opportunities than any other industry did.


l indigenous: 本土的

Example: The indigenous population in Brazil boycotted the 2014 World Cup that later escalated into a tense confrontation.


l propel + development

Propel: 带动

Example: It is wrong to count on the heavy industries to propel the economic development, since the consequent environmental implications are serious.


l meet the demands/needs/requirements

meet: 满足...需求,需要,要求

Example: More dormitories are built to meet the growing demands for on-campus accommodation.


2. 国际旅游对普通人来说是一种很好的放松方式

Travel is an ideal form of leisure and relaxation for ordinary people.

- people are under tremendous pressure: hectic/jam-packed work schedule, the burgeoning inflation, the rising property price, and etc.

- find an avenue/outlet to vent their pent-up stress and pressure

- while traveling, tourists can leave all their troubles behind, immersing themselves in an entirely new, exotic environment

- an escapist leisure to many people


Argument Development:




l ideal: 理想的

Example: The current electronics market conditions are far from ideal for the company to make heavy investments.


l Somebody be under tremendous pressure: 处于巨大的压力之下

Example: The final-year high school students are under tremendous pressure prior to the college-entrance examination.


l hectic: 忙碌的

Example: The students had a hectic day.


l jam-packed schedule: 忙碌的安排

Example: The jam-packed schedule leaves him little personal time.


l burgeon: 增长

Example: The burgeoning population in China has strained the country's economic development.


l avenue/outlet: 出口,通道

Example: Terrorist attacks are simply the wrong avenue/outlet chosen by Islamic extremists to express their anti-western sentiments.


l vent: 发泄

Example: After being scolded by his supervisors, Jerald vented his anger on the store assistant.


l pent-up stress/pressure: 积攒的压力

Example: The pent-up pressure finally exploded in the form of a suicidal attempt.


l immerse: 融入

Example: Jack hopes to pick up Japanese while he immerses himself in the country for two years to come.


l exotic: 外来的,异域的

Example: The invasion of exotic cultures has slowly eroded our own cultural identity.


l escapist: 逃脱的

Example: Strangely enough, reading is pure escapist entertainment for him.


3. 国际旅游可以让游客充分了解旅游景点的各式各样的信息和文化

Travel can be an effective vehicle for tourists to acquire information on and truly experience in person the diversity of cultures in tourist destinations.

- The Great Wall of China - enlighten foreign visitors on how ancient Chinese rulers sacrificed millions of lives to build a fortification sturdy enough to withstand the military attacks from further north

- A trip to France provides travelers valuable opportunities to taste the genuine, authentic French delicacies and a view of the Eiffel Tower, one of the greatest structures erected around the turn of the 20th century

- A tour of Los Angeles offers travelers a glimpse into what a cosmopolitan metropolis appears and a profound understanding of what modernity truly is


Argument Development:




l vehicle: 交通工具,这里指的是传播思想的工具

Example: The primetime news is a vehicle through which the government sends important messages to the public.


l enlighten: 让人了解

Example: This groundbreaking discovery enlightens the scientific community on how galaxies are formed in the first place.


l sacrifice: 牺牲

Example: The sacrifice of the three young firefighters in the blaze could have been avoided had the chief commander responded sooner.


l sturdy: 坚固的

Example: This bed is of sturdy construction.


l withstand: 承受

Example: This argument cannot withstand further scrutiny.


l genuine/authentic: 真实的,地道的

Example: The reforms are motivated by a genuine concern for the disabled.


l delicacies: 美食

Example: The delicacies served in the restaurant are truly memorable.


l glimpse: 瞥一眼

Example: The movie "Coach Carter" offers viewers a glimpse into fate of young, helpless Afro-Americans struggling at the bottom of social hierarchy.


l cosmopolitan: 国际化

Example: Cosmopolitan cities are not necessarily the ideal place for college students to find their jobs.


l profound: 深远的

Example: The media exert a profound impact on shaping our understanding of and grip with social reality.


4. 国际旅游对我们的环境造成了比较大的威胁

Tourism industry poses a grave threat to our extremely vulnerable/fragile environment.

- While enjoying the spectacular natural views, many visitors may leave a trail of waste cans, used plastic bags, and other sorts of rubbish behind them.

- Air travels consume the amount of non-renewable energy resources (fossil fuels) and discharge the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that of hundreds of cars for the same trip distance.


Argument Development:




l pose: 构成,造成

Example: Media violence poses a danger to social harmony.


l grave: 严重的

Example: The falling investment is a grave risk to our economy.


l threat: 威胁

Example: The rising domestic automakers are a dire threat to the established foreign multinationals.


l vulnerable/fragile: 脆弱的

Example: The economy turned particularly vulnerable after foreign companies withdrew their investment from the country.


l spectacular: 华丽的,好的

Example: The spectacular game was aired across the world.


l discharge: 释放,排放

Example: The amount of industrial wastes discharged has been falling over the years.


l equivalent: 相当于

Example: The annual expenditure on pension is equivalent to 4% of GDP in many countries.


5. 很多游客都会在公共假期旅游,导致很多旅游景点非常拥堵,并且游客和当地人可能会产生冲突。

Many tourists prefer to arrange their leisure travel during public holidays, thus inevitably leading to overcrowding of many famous tourist destinations nationwide.

- During the Golden holiday in China, the inter-city highways are so congested that the snarl-up (traffic jam/traffic congestion) could be vastly frustrating.

- Traffic piles up for up to 30 kilometers on highway on the first day of the long holiday, extending a trip that used to take two hours to a whole day.

- The cultural clash between the host community at tourist destinations and inflowing tourists will likely breed hostility and antagonism if either fails to develop an adequate understanding of social, historical, cultural, and political life of the other. The offensive acts of carving on historical artifacts, performing inappropriate actions that disturb local communities, and failing to dispose of rubbish properly will induce a negative sentiment from local, indigenous population.


Argument development:




l inevitable: 不可避免的

Example: The rising trend of online marketplace is inevitable.


l snarl up: 交通堵塞

Example: The traffic snarl-up during rush hour is truly a big headache to many commuters.


l hostility: 敌对

Example: The hostility between Chinese and Japanese people is almost irreconcilable if the Japanese government fails to make a gesture.


l adequate: 充足的

Example: The adequate military supply ensures that troops can be stationed in the town for another few months.


l dispose of: 处理掉

Example: The company has yet to dispose of the old computers in the office.


l indigenous: 本土的

Example: The indigenous population rejoiced over the government's conservation policies.



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